5 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas During The Holidays

5 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas During The Holidays

One of the great things about the holidays are the presents. Of course, you may have received the best present of them all – a new baby! Now it’s time to share the joy to everyone, and here are a few creative ways of doing it.

Help From The Post Office

Christmas greetings cards are staple during the holidays. You’re bound to give away a few, so why not give away greeting cards and do the pregnancy announcement at the same time.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Plus, your recipient will get a double whammy of surprise. The greeting card surprise and the pregnancy announcement surprise.

You can be creative about if you deem the idea as “boring”. A good example would be to attach a sonogram photocopy to the card, and create a message in the likes of “The newest member of the family wants to greet you the merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year”.


Calendar Giveaways

When the new year arrives, it’s time for the old calendars to hit the trash bin. Of course, everyone is going to need a new calendar, and that’s why calendar giveaways is a great idea.

Simply order new calendars or you can get a customized one. Before giving it away, encircle or mark your due date. You can be clear about it by putting “Baby Surprise” or “Due Date”. Or, you can be subtle by putting or drawing a picture of the stork carrying a baby.


Party Surprise

The holiday is a great season for friends and family to gather. So why not host a party and do the announce during the event.

You can add a little twist if you like. Before the party, get a great looking notebook.

Place or write a big “Suggest A Baby Name” on the front cover or the first pace of the notebook. Attach the sonogram image for the dramatic effect.

During the party, personally, welcome every guest into the party.

Tell them that they need to sign the “Guest’s List“, and hand them notebook you prepared.

Watch the priceless faces of your friends and family!


Shocked By A Bib

This is perfect for your parents or someone that is very close to you.

Order a bib that says “I Love Grandma” and “I love Grandpa”. Place these in Christmas bags and give it to your parents.

For the full effect, invite them over, give them the Christmas bags and ask them to open it at the same time.

Don’t be surprised if you get into a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from shock, to tears of joy then laughter.


Technology Is Your Friend

These days, it’s easy to create a video. Hence, use the new technology to announce the new baby to everyone all at once by posting the video on social media sites.

You can do a simple announcement. Or, you can create a funny YouTube clip (like featuring a pregnant snowman in the video) or do a Santa Clause spoof with a baby theme.

Having a new baby is one of the best news anyone can receive. Plus, it’s the holidays. So why not share the joy and blessing to your friends and family. Also, don’t forget the pregnancy announcement ideas mentioned above. Or, you can simply use them as inspiration and create something new. Your imagination is the only limit!

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