The Best Holiday Pregnancy Quotes For 2017

The Best Holiday Pregnancy Quotes For 2017

Pregnancy can make the holiday season even more special. Imagine a situation where someone very dear to you invites you for a holiday lunch or for spending the weekend with her family and makes a touching pregnancy announcement. Can there be a better gift that you can get during the holidays? Read on to know how a loved one’s pregnancy (or even your own pregnancy) can make the holiday season even more fun-filled for you. We have also put together some of the best holiday pregnancy quotes for you.

For grandparents

You must try to be extremely creative when informing your parents and the would-be grandparents about the pregnancy. That’s because here your effort will pay more than anywhere else. Some of the quotes and ideas you can try for announcing your pregnancy to your parents are:

Invite them for a lunch or dinner and at the end of the meal ask them to pose for a photo. Begin with the conventional “Say cheese”, and once you take the first photo, say, “One more please, this time say she (the expecting mom’s name) is pregnant.” You’ll love the reaction on your parents’ face; but, make sure you are prompt enough to capture the reaction as like golden words, golden reactions can’t also be repeated.

If you are invited at their place, tell them that you’ll be bringing the dessert with you. Buy or bake a cake of the flavor your parents love most and on it write “Congrats Grandparents” on it. Your parents will take little time to understand what you are actually looking to say.

You can also welcome your parents into your home by saying, “Welcome would-be grandparents, you have a new responsibility waiting for you.”

For husbands

A great way of announcing your pregnancy to your husband during the holidays can be handing over a list of things you want him to do for you. Remember, you shouldn’t write about your pregnancy in that list; allow him to guess why you are asking him to do so many things for you. The list can include the following items:

I want you to come back home at least a couple of hours earlier than you originally arrive.

I want you to prepare at least one meal for me each day. Hmm! would it become a bit troublesome for you? Cooking a meal during the weekend will also do.

You already know that surprises, however little may they be, make me happy. I want you to come up with small surprises every now and then.

I want you to assist me in all the household chores; I know that you are not very good at them, but having you by my side will be enough for me. However, that’s not the only reason, why I am asking you to arrive faster from work.

I want you to come faster, as I want to see your face more often and for longer duration.

Stop smoking as soon as possible. I have always requested you to do so, but this time it’s my order.

Buy me a few packs of pink and blue wool. I want to start practicing my weaving skills.

Finish the note by saying, “Wondering for how long you’ll have to do this? At least for nine months.”

Your husband will not feel overburdened even after receiving so many orders from you. That’s because the list will instantly tell him that he will soon be a father. If the list doesn’t tell him why you want him to do so many things for you, the final sentence will definitely do.

During holidays we get plenty of time to spend with our family; so, we get to do things that we normally can’t do due to our hectic work schedule. You can announce your pregnancy when doing some of those. Examples of activities during which you can announce your pregnancy to your husband are: when playing scrabble (spell ��baby’ or ��pregnancy’, when cooking your husband’s favorite food (tell him that very soon, someone else will also be there to take a bigger share), when playing truth or dare (if your husband picks truth, tell him that you have a truth to share with him instead and reveal the news of your pregnancy; if he picks dare, ask him to sing a lullaby as soon he will have to do that in real life), etc.

The holidays are often about shopping. A nice way of breaking the news to your husband can be by picking items that indicate that you are not shopping for yourself or your husband, but for a newborn or an infant. Pick a pair of small stockings, baby sweaters, diapers, baby soaps and oils, small towels etc. You can also spend some time at the infants’ section of the store to pick a few tiny outfits. Ask your husband to offer his opinion about the items picked by you. This would automatically make him wonder why on earth you are buying so many baby items. If he is intelligent enough, he will understand the reason all by himself. If he is not that sharp; a predictable question might come your way, “Are you buying these things for a friend’s baby, or are you pregnant?”

For elder siblings

If you are not smart enough when breaking the news of your current pregnancy to your child, he or she might struggle to cope with the situation. So, try out quotes like, “Your last Christmas wish has finally been met, you’ll soon get someone to play with.” You can also say, “You requested for the best toy in the world; I’ll soon be making it for you. Just get yourself ready for it.”

To get your little one involved with the child in your womb, take him/her along with you when shopping for the upcoming baby. Ask your little one, what he/she would like the baby to wear and purchase items suggested by your child.

So, finally here are the best quotes to let neighbors know about your pregnancy:

If it’s a second pregnancy, you can hang a poster outside your house stating “We have done it again!! Child #2 is coming.”

If it’s your first, the poster can have the following thing written on it, “We have finally done it! Soon, we’ll become parents.”


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