Creative ways of using its a boy pics to announce your new baby

Creative ways of using its a boy pics to announce your new baby

No surprise is more anticipated than finding out what sex a newborn baby is. After 9 months of pregnancy, the whole family including the mother herself will be in a haste to find out the sex of the newborn baby. It is no secret that spreading the news of a baby boy is special in it’s own unique way. Luckily, creative and interesting ways of sharing the news of a new baby boy have evolved in the form of pictures..

Whether the child is the first, second, or third baby, saying it’s a boy to your family, relatives and friends is timeless. It is exciting even if it is the fifth baby especially if you say it in a special way. Using it’s a boy pictures on social media is become more and more popular given its cute, funny, and to the point nature. Moreover, social media is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach a large number of your family, friends and relatives to deliver news.

Some of the clever ways to use it’s a boy pictures include:

Father’s day announcement

If your pregnancy falls in line with the celebration of father’s day and you are aware of the sex of the child before it’s born, consider this a golden opportunity . Ps – It is more fun if it is the first born. You can post a “keep calm and wait for a baby boy” photo to reveal the sex of your to come baby boy!

Say it in a “it’s a baby boy” T-shirt

This is a pretty cute and fun way of announcing the sex of a baby boy using a picture. You can print, “It’s a baby boy” on the front of a T-shirt, sport it for a few selfie pics,  then post it on social media. It will convey a somehow coded but easy to grasp and fashionable method of announcing the sex of your baby boy.

Post blue

You can paint your nails blue and post them when pregnant. Blue symbolizes “it is a boy”. You can also invite people for a gender announcement party and decorate with blue balloons to signal a baby boy is on the way!

Use snail mail postcards

This is an easy and simple, and somewhat nostalgic method of announcing it’s a boy.  Consider using a picture of your Sonogram or even a picture of the father as a child and making your announcement on a custom printed postcard.  You can buy these sort of items relatively inexpensively on Shutterfly. 

Use of a band or ribbon

This can be used to reveal the sex both by posting the image and by showing it during an announcement party. Consider tying a blue ribbon around your pregnant belly. If you want to post it on Facebook, you take a photo of that but if you want to show it in a sex announcement party, you wear a T-shirt and wait until its time then you remove it to reveal the ribbon.


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