The Importance of a Happy Pregnancy

The Importance of a Happy Pregnancy

According to various studies that have been conducted on the issue of happiness and pregnancy, the experiences you go through when you are pregnant can have an impact on your baby once it is born. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine, advises pregnant women to stay satisfied, calm, and happy during their pregnancy. However, maintaining a happy pregnancy is easier said than done; an expectant mother faces many challenges during pregnancy, from unsupportive partners to the stress of pregnancy itself. Fortunately, there are some tricks to being happy during this period.

Pregnancy brings forth a lifetime gift

Babies are a lifetime gift, a little piece of heaven sent down here to bring you joy for the rest of your life. As an expectant mother, you should therefore carry yourself with caution during your pregnancy. Listen to joyous and relaxing songs, engage in reading, wear comfortable clothes, stay in happy and relaxing environments, and engage in light activity. A happy pregnancy will help to promote your physical and mental health, which will in turn ensure you have an easy time up to the delivery. It will also increase your chances of giving birth to a healthy baby with higher cognitive abilities.

Be calm, positive, and happy

Stress is one of the challenges experienced by all women during pregnancy. According to studies, stress during pregnancy can have negative health effects on your baby. Despite your best efforts, you might find yourself unable to avoid stress. During such times, spare a few minutes to do something that relaxes you. This can be yoga, meditation, taking a bath, watching your favorite show or listening to music. Relaxing during pregnancy helps to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in your blood. It will also help you feel stronger and allow you to cope with the physical changes occurring in your body.

Some Don’ts for expectant mothers

When you give birth to a baby, your whole life changes and you gain a whole new perspective. Therefore, there are certain things you should avoid as an expectant mother. For example, you should avoid using medication that is not prescribed, consuming unhealthy foods and beverages, using drugs, or drinking alcohol.


Motherhood begins when a new life is conceived inside you. The moment your baby kicks for the first time, it is a reminder that you have a new responsibility for the rest of your life. Therefore, you should maintain a balance in your life as the life inside you starts forming. Having a happy pregnancy is a great way of ensuring your body is healthy both physically and mentally. It also helps to prepare you for the journey of motherhood that awaits.

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