25 Of The Cutest Pregnancy Quotes To Warm Your Heart

25 Of The Cutest Pregnancy Quotes To Warm Your Heart

Finding out that you are pregnant can be a joyous occasion that is coupled with a lot of excitement, fear, and anxiety. This is caused by the numerous changes that take place in the woman’s body. Generally, these changes are confusing and quite uncomfortable but it is exciting to consider the new life growing inside you.

Twenty-five Cute Pregnancy Quotes

Pregnancy gives anew meaning to the concept of beauty. The feeling of carrying the little soul in you is magnificent. For you who expect a little angle any time soon, here are some cute pregnancy quotes that will motivate, inspire and make you smile. Nonetheless, if you are not pregnant, then this collection will make you realize just how blessed and special pregnant women are.

1. Being born and giving birth are two events that bring us so close to the essence of creation. Through them, the human spirit is bold and courageous. It is a miracle of wisdom.

2. The process of pregnancy invites you to capitulate to all the unseen forces behind life.

3. Sometimes the smallest being takes up the most room in our hearts; they make the nights longer, the days shorter, love stronger, bankroll smaller, clothes shabbier, homes happier, the past forgotten, but creates a future that is worth living for.

4. A baby fills an empty space, which you did not know it existed in your heart.

5. When I pick my child up, I feel the map of my own bones beneath my hands and smell the scent of my skin in the nape of its neck.

6. Making the decision of having a baby is quite momentous. It is deciding to have your heart outside your bodyforever.

7. A woman experiences two smiles in her life that any angel might envy, first, the smile that will light on the first born baby assuring it of a mother’s love, and the smile that accepts a lover before any word is uttered.

8. People say that a pregnant woman has a glow, butI say it is because she is sweating to death.

9. Whether your pregnancy was medically coaxed, meticulously planned, or a surprise, one thing is certain – life will never be the same again.

10. Having a baby is a life changer. This process teaches you many things but most importantly you understand that there is no way to become a perfect mother abut there are a million ways to become a good mother.

11. Pregnancy is acquiring company inside one’s skin where two or more people live under the same skin. When so much is dedicated to maintaining their integrity as distinct persons, this bodily tandem remains an uncanny fact.

12. Life is a flame that burns itself out and only catches fire every time a baby is born.

13. I am happiest when pregnant. For a fact, I would be even happier if I were asked to perform the role ten times over.

14. There is no way out of this experience except going through it. It is joyous when a new life begins stirring in a woman, when a faint tiny heartbeat is heard for the first time, and a playful kick that reminds her that she is not alone.

15. In pregnancy, everything grows weirder, rounder, and wider so I sit in the middle of it all wondering how you are growing, floating, turning, swimming deep inside me, how you will look when you are out, and who in the world you will become.

16. Little angels are stardust blown from God’s hand. Lucky is the very woman who becomes the instrument of birth and knows the pangs of birth for she has held a star.

17. Tiny hands and feet make life complete. They give you an entirely new perspective on why you wake up every other day.

18. Childbearing is the greatest initiation to spirituality that a mother can ever think of.

19. Being pregnant is a great occurrence that I envy because I know that an ostentatious adventure is about to commence.

20. The thing you carry in your womb for nine months is your baby and that which you carry in your heart until death is still your child.

21. My father wept and my mother groaned as I leapt into this dangerous world.

22. When you move, I feel squeezed with wild protectiveness and infatuation. We are one and nothing, can change that fact, not even death.

23. The most extraordinary thing about motherhood is that you find a piece of yourself that you could not live without.

24. Giving life to a little angle is about giving birth to new possibilities, aspirations, and hope in our hearts.

25. A mother to be has a frisson, an aura of magic that is united awkwardly with the worldly sense of duty. The preciousness that they impose wherever they go, the compelling attention, and the constant reminder that they are carrying the future inside, but veiled, private,and is an inner secret whose contours are already drawn.

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