Adorable Quotes for Announcing a New Baby

Adorable Quotes for Announcing a New Baby

After nine long months, finally, your precious newborn baby boy or girl is here. Making an announcement about the birth of a child is one of the most exciting moments in life. Capture it forever by sending out some beautiful birth quotes. There is no need to sacrifice style for affordability.

Here are some quotes for your baby boy or girl birth announcement to get the creative juice flowing. You can customize any quote to fit your needs fully.

1. In life, there is a time when wishes do come true; this comes to let you know that we have a little someone new.

2. Someone sweet, someone tiny, we would like you to meet.

3. Two little feet and two little hands, now our family is complete.

4. Our baby has brought a lot of joy to this day, happiness to our hearts and warmth to our lives.

5. There is a new chief in town.

6. Into the world of a running start, my family has a new part.

7. Sleepy sighs and tiny yawns, lullabies and nursery rhymes. A brand new life has just begun to us, oh, what fun is it to have a child.

8. The nursery was full of toys and blankets. All that was lacking is a little bundle of joy. Now it is entirely complete. We have a child.

9. It is with double the fun and doubles the pleasure. Because John and Linda are having more than one.

10. Our hearts are fully filled with love, and our lives are filled with happiness. Because we now have a little boy/girl. Our dream is now complete.

11. Tiny feet and little hands, someone new for you all to meet. Our son/daughter. How precious he/she is, has little pug nose, tiny fingers, and tiny feet.

12. To be a child is to know what fun is there is living. To have a child is to know the beauty in life.

13. Twinkling stars in the heavens above are smiling down on our baby with love. We have been blessed with a child. Our arms and hearts are filled with a new bundle of joy.

14. Twinkle, twinkle little star. You are a miracle from heaven. You are a heaven sent angel, to treasure with love and hold in our arms.

15. Another miracle has just happened to us, so wonderful and true. God has given us a baby, so precious and new.

16. Hey, diddle, diddle with a giggle and a laugh. Our baby arrives and not a moment too soon Dad and Mom were so happy, they laughed and cried tears of joy. And promised her/him the moon.

17. Precious is he/she, so sweet. Adorable feet and tiny hands. Given to us by God above. A darling baby for us to love.

18. Who else smile outshines the sun? Whose skin is soft just as the moon glow? Who else sparkle like the stars? Our precious little one.

19. A star fell right from heaven and landed right in our arms. With all the Daddy’s charm and all the Mummy’s love. We are star struck by the arrival our new born baby.

And Finally,

Being blessed with an opportunity to enjoy the miracle of having a baby is an amazing time for a parent. It means getting the golden opportunity to make the transition from just a mere person to a parent. It means finally having someone to cherish and love in a way no other person can but a parent.

Here is a little something to read to your child: Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were even born, I loved you. Before you were an hour, I would die for you. This is the miracle of love.  Visit our website for creative quotes for announcing a new baby.

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