Pregnancy: The most beautiful Phase of a Woman’s Life

Pregnancy: The most beautiful Phase of a Woman’s Life

Pregnancy is often considered to be the most beautiful phase of a women’s life. It fills her life with a unique happiness and sense of fulfillment. It creates a unique feeling and makes a woman realize that she has come to this world to fulfill a purpose and to give birth to a new life, a life that will complete her existence and will fill her own life with a unique bliss. Pregnancy gives a new life to every woman and allows her to participate in one of the ultimate pleasures of life. Beautiful pregnant women are revered by everyone. To explain both internal and external aspects of the beauty of a pregnant woman, the following are eight of our favorite quotes:

“Your dad and I planned you from the start. You, my dear child, were made straight from our hearts”

It is not about the expected mother only; the father enjoys the joy and pleasure from the date of the conception as well. They start planning things from the very beginning. All the decisions, all the planning come straight from the heart. Pregnancy is a feeling that gives joy and happiness to both of the parents. This feeling is something that can be felt only in the deepest province of the heart.

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“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother”

A woman can go to any extreme to protect her child and to give her little one all physical and material happiness. Mother’s love is blind. When it comes to her child, her thinking cannot go beyond the well-being and the safety of her child. A woman’s greatest right is to protect her child and fill his/her life with the type of happiness and elation only a mother can provide.

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“You never understand life until it grows inside of you”

You cannot understand the value and meaning of life until you have not experienced that unique feeling inside of you. God has made women so powerful and beautiful by giving them the power of being a mother. A mother can understand every silence and problem of her child before it comes to the little one. She has the inner feeling to recognize everything as she has experienced all these feeling when her sweet one was in the womb.

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The movement of life inside you… there is no better feeling”

The first time I feel your presence inside me, I felt that this is the greatest feeling of my life. Nothing can give me more happiness and joy than that sweet, lovely, and unique feeling. You are the greatest love of my life and you are the inspiration that can help me to fight against all odds. Your mom will do everything to bring a smile to your tiny lips.

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“ A mother’s joy starts when new life is vigorously stirring inside, when a small heartbeat is heard for first time and a very playful kick reminds her that she’s never alone”

Pregnancy makes women experience many sweet and unique feelings. Women start to experience these feeling from the first trimester. The kicks and the movements are the something that whispers that mom, you are not alone. I am inside you; I am experiencing all your feelings, happiness, and joy. Love you mom.

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“Running errands and talking on phone, I’m pleasantly reminded that I’m not at all alone. Little hands, a very precious little knee, twisting and pushing that no one could see. Oh sweet kid kicking up your heels, it’s our very little secret that only I could feel. I am looking forward to your birth when I could kiss and touch, but for now, I will smile only as I feel You play within”

I realize your presence inside me every moment. I feel you kick and movements that make me recognize that my little one is growing faster and waiting anxiously to meet his/her mother. My love, my dear, I am waiting when I will hold you and will kiss your tiny figures. But for now, I am enjoying our secrets.

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“Your body is not ruined, you’re a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes”

Pregnancy does not ruin a woman’s body. Pregnancy makes the body more beautiful and inspiring as it keeps a new life inside and prepares the little soul to come to this world.

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“ When you become a mother, you stop being the picture and start being the frame”

Once you become a mother, you forget about everything except your child. A mother dedicates all her happiness and pleasure for giving a better life to her little one. No one can understand the feeling of her mother and take her place.

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