The importance of Quotes in your daily life

The importance of Quotes in your daily life

When the going gets tough we always have the comfort of turning to emotional quotes. It is psychologically proven that different emotional changes require a certain type of words to cheer us on. Quotes are loved by many people not only because of their inspirational traits but because they are short and concise. Quotes are known to devour our emotions and awaken our motivation. Quotes are easy to find they are literaly everywhere. On our walls or cups that we use everyday and the internet has millions of quotes. A lot of websites have dedicated quotes on their pages displaying some of the most famous quotes from famous people.The power of the word is poignant and has the power to trigger emotions to mood swings most especially in pregnant women. During pregnancy women undergo both physical and emotional changes that can be somber at one moment and happy at the other moment.

However, not everyone finds quotes resonant. Words and quotes are very vital during pregnancies for it can keep you strong both physically and emotionally. It has been proved that pregnant women who read a lot stand a chance to give birth to intelligent children. The secret behind this is the impact of the words read in these books to the pregnant women triggers emotional feelings and thinking that helps and keeps them active. The more active you are during a pregnancy the most likely your child is going to be intelligent.  Pregnancy changes a mother’s brain every word said affects her positive or negative. This is because of the massive hormonal changes triggered by a flip of emotions. Funny quotes can make us laugh. Laughing is very important to pregnant women. It keeps them calm and more remosed which is very important to the child’s development. Laughing is a therapy a stress therapy that has been scientifically proved. Reading funny quotes can give you a free doze of laughter that will keep your baby healthy.

Pregnancy quotes are also a very good source of knowledge and words of wisdom for pregnant women. Reading a dose of these quotes can help see you through the pregnancy. Not only do they make you see the world in a new angle but also keep you intact and emotionally in place. Quotes have the power top transform our thinking top motivate us to be somebody else and should not be taken lightly. The rate of absorption of these quotes has been proven to be on a higher level in pregnant women. This can be explained by the changes emotional changes involved during pregnancy. Quotes have the power to create imagination. The metaphoric use in quotes are very impulsive thus makes them very unique. The humor and visual image in funny quotes can make you have the best and loudest laughter of all time.


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