21 Wonderfully Wise Motherhood & Pregnancy Quotes

21 Wonderfully Wise Motherhood & Pregnancy Quotes

Pregnancy and giving birth brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty. When a woman gets pregnant, her life is filled with immense joy and excitement. Moreover, the unique feeling of carrying a little soul within your body is magnificent. Here are some beautiful quotes to motivate and inspire mother and make them smile as they wait for their bundles of joy.

1. The process of giving birth and being born brings us in the essence of creation. The human spirit becomes courageous and bold, and the body becomes a miracle of wisdom.

2. When a child is born into the world, a mother is also born. Before, she never existed. She only existed as a woman, not as a mother. Motherhood is something new.

3. A baby is something we carry for nine months, in our arms for three years, and in our hearts until the moment, we leave the world.

4. Mothers do not become pregnant to provide employment to the medical staff. The process of giving birth is an ecstatic, jubilant adventure that is not available to men. It is actually considered as every woman’s crowning creative experience that lasts for a lifetime.

5. The presence of a baby in your life will make your love stronger, your days shorter, nights longer, home happier, bankroll smaller and clothes shabbier. The past will be forgotten completely, and the future will be worth living for.

6. Deciding to have a baby is momentous. If you decide to have a baby now, you will have chosen to have your heart walk around outside your body.

7. When good mothers and fathers decided to do something instinctively for their children, it is usually the best.

8. Getting pregnant is getting company inside your skin.

9. When we give birth to our children, we realize that we have given birth to new possibilities in ourselves.

10. The presence of babies in our lives represents bits of star- dust that is blown from the hand of God. A woman is lucky if she knows the pangs of giving birth and holding a star.

11. Giving birth is the best initiation to spirituality that any woman can have.

12. During pregnancy, there are usually two bodies, one living inside the other. Two individuals live under the same skin.

13. A mother’s joy starts when a baby is growing inside her…..When a little heartbeat is heard for the first time. A playful kick from her child reminds her that she is not alone.

14. Life is considered to be a flame that is always burning itself out. It, however, catches fire one more time when a child is born.

15. Many people say that pregnant women have a glow. It is because they are sweating to death.

16. The most important thing every mother should learn is that there is no better way to becoming a perfect mother. They should learn a million ways to become one.

17. Whether becoming pregnant was meticulously planned, happened by surprise or was medically coaxed, one thing is sure for every mother- life will never be the same.

18. During pregnancy, everything grows wider, rounder and weirder. Women only sit in the middle of it all, wondering what their baby would turn out to be.

19. When a child moves in their mother’s womb, the mother feels squeezed with wild infatuation and protectiveness. They are one. Nothing can change that, even death.

20. Life is considered to be rich and steady when a mother is waiting for something to happen or hatch.

21. Motherhood is an experience every woman wants to have.

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