A Collection of Cute Pregnancy Quotes You Can’t Resist

A Collection of Cute Pregnancy Quotes You Can’t Resist

There are some events in life which are considered extremely special and worth remembering for a long period of time. Getting ready for the new baby to come to one’s life is perhaps one of the most awaited moments in a woman’s life. Pregnancy is a journey in a woman’s life which teaches her quite a few things physically, emotionally and mentally. It also is an event which brings together many relatives, friends and well-wishers together as they await the arrival of the new born baby into the life of the mother and the father. However what makes the pregnancy even more significant are the various events leading to it.

Getting those wonderful cute pregnancy quotes from near and dear ones is something which could make it worth remembering for a long time. However, it may not be always possible to remember all those quotes by heart. So, we have create a collection of the cutest pregnancy quotes which are worth remembering and also worth being shared with those you love. So, here are a list of our some of our favorite cute pregnancy quotes we could gather (That are also very wise). And remember, feel free to share the love!

Happy and Cute Pregnancy Quote with child hugging mothers belly

  • The time a new life is born along with it birth of a mother also happens. Though she might have existed as a woman, but she takes rebirth as a woman.

  • Giving birth to a new baby is all about the main process of creation. It is about the courageous human spirit and also a miracle of wisdom”.

  • “Something which you carry inside for nine months is a baby. What you carry for two years and in your heart till you die is also your baby.”

  • “Pregnancy is not about giving keeping the medical professionals employed. It is an enjoyable adventure which is not available to the men folk. It is the ultimate experience and crowning glory for a woman.”

  • “The coming of a new baby will strengthen the bonds of love, make the days shorter and the nights longer, though it might make clothes shabbier and the home unkempt. But it is a live worth living nonetheless.”

  • “Deciding to have a baby is momentous. You will by this decision help your heart to walk around whilst it is outside your body. “

  • “A baby fills not only your womb but also your heart.”

  • “Instinctive action of good parents for their baby is usually the best decision after all.”

  • “Being pregnant is all about being fully alive, it is about being a complete woman, and it is a period of growing, transition, and of new beginnings in the journey of life.”

  • “Giving birth to a new baby is perhaps about giving birth to new hopes, possibilities and aspirations in our heart.”

  • “Before you were planted in my womb, I longed for you. Before you were born I was madly in love with you. An hour before your birth I was even ready to die for you. I am truly the miracle called Mother’s Love.

  • “Babies are star dusts blown out from god’s hand. Privileged are those mothers who give birth to star dusts. They well and truly reared a star.

  • “Giving birth to a new life is perhaps the greatest initiation to spirituality which a woman can think of”.

  • “When a woman is pregnant, there are basically two live entities, one is inside the other. It is about two lives living under a skin. It certainly is a universal fact and one of the biggest gifts of nature”.

  • Life is without any doubt a fire which is ever burning out, but the fire comes back to life again each time a new baby is born.”

  • As I pass my days watching things grow wider, rounder and weirder, I wonder who you are and how you look when you are out”.

  • “I am the happiest when I am pregnant. In fact, I would be happier if I was asked to perform this role 10 times over.”

  • “I envy you when you are pregnant because I know a grand adventure is about to begin.”

  • “Being pregnant is indeed a great occasion. It is well and truly being a part of a new creation of god”.

  • “Let pregnancy be an occasion where all of us appreciate the woman body, an amazing creation of almighty.”

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