The Cutest Pregnancy Quotes for Summer

The Cutest Pregnancy Quotes for Summer

There are many events in life which are extra special and pregnancy is one such event. The waiting period of nine months is certainly one of the greatest experiences for the mother in particular. While the father also has a role to play, his is more or less supportive in nature. It is the mother who bears the pain, sufferings and challenges associated with pregnancy but she still keeps a brave face. In such situations going through a few selected pregnancy quotes could certainly make a big difference to help you along the way. Let’s have a look at some interesting and fascinating quotes pertaining to pregnancy.

  1. Given a choice I would like to bear 10 babies. For me this is perhaps being in the best state of happiness.

  2. No woman is complete without her becoming a mother. It is all about being fully alive and coming to the world with a purpose.

  3. The essence of creation is what pregnancy all about. It is all about the human spirit at its boldest, bravest and a fantastic result of the body bowing down to the wishes of humanity.

  4. Pregnancy is all about becoming more matured and growing from one state to another. It is perhaps about reminding one that the play days are over and it is time to get serious.

  5. While for some getting pregnant is all about having a bloated stomach and suffering from fluid retention there are thousands for whom it is a wonderful and worth-waiting for experience.

  6. Once you are pregnant, you can be sure that your life will never be the same again. Whether the pregnancy is planned, coaxed or a surprising event, you can be sure that you will never be the same women. Something in you will change forever.

  7. No, these pregnancy stretch marks are not what they are called as. I consider them as service stripes.

  8. Being pregnant is all about change. It is change as a person from the physical, emotional and mental perspective. It is about readjusting oneself to the journey of life. It is also about reassessing ones professional and personal goals.

  9. Is there anything sweeter and more fulfilling than being able to participation of life? I hardly doubt there is anything better.

  10. Every woman is very particular about the way she looks. She would like herself to be the cynosure of all attention. However, all this changes the moment she becomes pregnant. She is ready to sacrifice what was so close to her heart and become a mother instead.

  11. The joy of attaining motherhood is permanent and the process of becoming a mother is temporary.

  12. Female bodies, their minds and emotions require respect and understanding. Let pregnancy be an occasion where we do it in deeds rather than words.

  13. While we talk about adventure in story books and movies, the process of moving from pregnancy to child birth is perhaps the biggest adventure of all.

  14. Being a perfect mother may not be always possible, but pregnancy teaches a woman to be a good mother in more ways than one.

  15. As I sit, stand, bend, do exercises I see myself growing rounder, fatter and perhaps even uglier. I just wonder and watch as to what I am going to the world after my pregnancy. Nonetheless, it is worth waiting over and over again.

  16. Baby is not a living being which you carry with your for nine months of your pregnancy. It will be in your arms for four years, will hold your fingers for seven years and will always remain in your heart till you die.

  17. Are you keen on seeing your heart walk outside the body of yours? If the answer is yes, it is high time that you went through the journey of pregnancy.

  18. As you move inside me I am filled and overwhelmed with protectiveness and infatuation. I know we are one and the same. Nothing can change this truth. Not even death.

  19. A woman might have existed but a mother starts her new life only after pregnancy. She has to do away with the attire of womanhood and enter the fantastic world of motherhood. It is an incredible journey and transition.


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