Clever Ways to Use Pictures to Announce a New Baby Girl

Clever Ways to Use Pictures to Announce a New Baby Girl

After a long 9 month journey of carrying and caring for your angel, birth time shouldn’t just be an event where everything is obvious. It can be more fun to be clever, creative and find a wow way of spreading the good news to your closest friends and family members.

Revealing your baby’s gender ought to be a surprise and with a little thought, can be done in style. Use of pictures is a great to surprise them. If your baby is a girl, these five clever ways of using pictures to tell them “It’s a girl” will make the announcement of your baby’s arrival unforgettable.

#1. Send a Picture of Your Older Child and Let Him/Her Announce the Good News

It is a fact that everyone expects a picture of your new baby girl probably written “I am a girl”. However, to make the announcement a unique one and leave your friends and family members yearning to see her, send them a picture of your older child wearing a t-shirt written “I now have a younger sis” . Don’t just let them see your angel in pictures. Let them pay you a visit and see your girl.

#2. Balloon Release Photo

Send them or post a picture on social media of you and your spouse opening a giant package as you both look on. Inside the package will be balloons of which color? Pink helium. Balloons will symbolize the happiness and celebration as you also surprise them with the baby’s gender. Those not keen with color will not get the message right away, but the hidden message will definitely crack them later.

#3. Have Fun With Your Maternity Photos

Some of your friends might have forgotten you were expectant. Remind them with your maternity photos but this time, tell them that the angelic girl has arrived. Get and send them those photos you took of your pregnant belly with pink booties or a baby block that spells out it’s a girl.

#4.Use Angel Gabriel’s Photo to Deliver the News on Your Behalf

We all know Angel Gabriel for his great job of delivering good news. You can too assign Him the task of delivering the good news of your beautiful girl’s arrival. Get the picture and let it be labelled or written somewhere within it that “It’s a girl”. The delivery will surprise them and let them truly feel that you have just received an angel.

#5. Simple Picture

Being simple and direct to the point is still clever and a surprise to your dear ones. You can go against their hope and send them a simple picture written “It’s a girl” and you’ll have announced the good news. The idea of surprise shouldn’t mean being complicated in the delivery of the news. Being simple is still a surprise, clever and full of fun.

Having known the kind of pictures to use, the next big thing is getting a clever way of delivering the announcement. Most people love using the social media specifically Twitter and Facebook. You can too use to make the announcement, but in a clever way. Sending shouldn’t be a big deal. Just make sure that the message is delivered. That’s all about the world of “baby girl”.


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