Top 3 Funny Pregnancy Quotes To Brighten Your Day

Top 3 Funny Pregnancy Quotes To Brighten Your Day

Getting pregnant is definitely a momentous and unique experience. It’s serious nature however does not mean that it has to be a super serious event. With the following 3 funny pregnancy quotes will help you crack a smile while you are announcing the good news to your partner, loved ones and well-wishers.

Babies are more trouble

Of course you fully knew what you were getting into when you made the decision to have a baby. Children can be a challenge to raise in the right manner, the world over. Most of them derive great delight in doing what they know is what the adult sees as totally wrong.  Above all, it is only a mother that can be able to accurately weigh the hardships of parenthood, and still find it in their hearts of hearts to remain upbeat over the whole issue! Yes babies can be more trouble than you thought possible. But at the same time you will never ever find any equivalent to the joy and wonder of actually bringing one into your life.

Sarcastic Baby Quotes - More trouble

The happiest reason ever

This is undoubtedly one of the most aptly placed funny pregnancy quotes you will ever see any where. It is only mothers that can fully comprehend all the sacrifices they are required to make to carry a child in their wombs and ultimately give birth to them. This state of affairs does bring to fore quite a wide variety of serious predicaments that only mothers can go through. Many of which can make even the most optimistic individual quite literally to feel like a load of crap.

happiest reason ever pregnancy quote

The ever bludgeoning tummy is certainly not always beautiful for some to behold. The constant and inexplicable cravings are also something every expectant mother has to deal with. Not to mention the frequent runs to the loo that such ladies have to make. In spite of all this , the mere thought of exactly what is going on in your womb is sufficient to make any woman happy. More to the point, without paying any due regard to the physical, psychological and emotion upheaval that may be taking place in their bodies. Pregnancy is certainly one of the fun-filled reason to feel like crap.

The love of your life

One can’t help but laugh their hearts out at this extremely witty pregnancy quote. All mothers cant possible know just what kind of child they are bringing into the world.  Truly the only blind date where you can eventually meet with the love of your life is labor. Hope these 3 funny pregnancy quotes have brightened your day.

love of your life pregnancy quote


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